Google will pay publishers $ 1 billion for their news for 3 years

Google will pay publishers $ 1 billion for their news for 3 years

CEO said For a company Google today, Thursday: The company plans to pay publishers around the world $ 1 billion to display their news in the search engine over the next three years, a move that could help win news publishers in its line amid intense regulatory scrutiny facing the company around the world.

News publishers have long fought with the world’s most popular internet search engine to obtain compensation for their content, and European media has been leading the way.

CEO Sundar Pichai said: The new product, called Google News Showcase, will first be launched in Germany, where famous German newspapers such as Der Spiegel, Stern, Die Zeit and in Brazil with Folha de S.Paulo will participate. , Band, and Infobae.

The new product will also be launched in Belgium, India, the Netherlands and other countries. About 200 publishers have subscribed to this product in Argentina, Australia, Britain, Brazil, Canada and Germany.

Pichai said in Published On the company blog: “This financial commitment – and our biggest commitment to date – will push publishers to create and curate high-quality content for a different kind of online news experience.”

It is noteworthy that Alphabet – which is the parent company of Google – recorded net profits of $ 34.3 billion, and revenues of about $ 162 billion last year.

The product, which allows publishers to choose and present their stories, will be launched on the Google News service on Android devices, and then on Apple’s mobile devices.

“This approach differs from our other news products because it relies on the editorial choices that individual publishers make about which stories to show readers and how to present them,” Pichai said.

While the German Spiegel Group welcomed the project, the Council of European Publishers – whose members include News UK, The Guardian, Pearson, The New York Times and Schibsted – was not enthusiastic.

The product is based on a licensing agreement with media groups in Australia, Brazil and Germany in June, and was also met with a tepid response from the European Publishers Council.

It is noteworthy that Google’s funding of news organizations has frustrated other Internet publishers, such as: weather sites and recipe tools, which say: Google has hurt its revenues.

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