Google warns Google Photos users about the quality

Google warns Google Photos users about the quality

When fired a company Google Cloud Storage Google Photos service has been hailed as the perfect way to free up space on your phone and preserve your digital memories for nearlyever.

The service came with a generous offer of nearly unlimited photo storage, as long as they were only uploaded in high quality.

Half a decade ago, Google claimed that high-quality images were of nearly identical visual quality to their original quality.

The purpose, at the time, was to encourage users to compress their original photos to take advantage of Google Photos’ unlimited storage offering.

However, starting June 1 this year, high-quality images count toward cloud storage And you might easily access your free 15GB quota, requiring the Google One storage plan to be purchased.

And Google appears to be opposing its previous ads in favor of Google One.

Allegedly, Google Send out Now emails are trying to push Google Photos users to upload bigger original quality photos instead of higher quality photos.

And the email has a section that encourages users to use more storage space by switching from High Quality to Original Quality.

According to e-mail, the original quality images preserve the greatest amount of detail and allow you to enlarge, crop and print the images.

While this statement is objectively correct, it conflicts with what Google has told us in the past about the high-quality option.

The image compares the difference between the original quality and the high quality, clearly showing the absence of almost identical visual quality.

And given that High Quality deletes the original quality photos from your phone by default, this means that you may irreversibly damage your original photos.

On the other hand, the example Google used might not be representative of all the high-quality images, and some users might not even be able to tell the difference most of the time.

These changes have left some people complaining that Google’s ulterior motive is to make people now pay for more storage via Google Drive after linking to Google Photos years ago.

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