Google unveils Series One devices for conference rooms

Google unveils Series One devices for conference rooms

Company revealed Google Today, Tuesday, about a group of devices that bears the name (Series One), which are designed to work together to provide the best video conferencing environment through the service (Google Meet) Google Meet.

This assortment of devices comes as part of Google’s relentless pursuit of benefiting from the massive demand for video conferencing services in light of the ongoing pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19, which has forced people around the world to work and study from home. However, the new hardware is for conference rooms, not the home.

The new Series One devices – designed by Google but built in partnership with Lenovo – include a number of different parts. There is the Smart Camera (12MP) and the other Smart Camera XL (20.3MP) for the larger conference rooms. Google says: The devices are able to automatically frame the participants in the meeting and sense the number of people in the room without using facial recognition technology, in addition to panning, tilting, zooming in and out, all of this is done digitally.

There is also a unit Smart Audio Bar, which contains a speaker measuring 2.5 inches, a speaker measuring one inch, and eight microphones Google says: It can address “up to 44 channels of audio at one time.” The company also says: It can improve human voices and filter sounds, such as writing, and snack bags, thanks to a technology the company calls TrueVoice.

The entire suite is powered by the Chrome OS-based Meet Compute System, and by site relocation. The Verge The tech says the company says: Both the Compute System and the Smart Audio Bar contain two Google Edge Tensor (TPU) processing units that aid in processing video and audio during meetings.

Depending on the Series One, the user will also be able to control their meetings using a rechargeable remote control, or a 10.1-inch touch screen, both of which support Google’s smart assistant to control hands-free meetings.

This isn’t the first meeting room hardware designed to work with Google Meet, however Asus revealed About Google Meet’s new conference room equipment this past May.

But Series One devices are completely designed by Google, and it seems that features, such as: noise cancellation in the Smart Audio Bar, and the automatic frame feature by the smart camera, may be easy to use.

It is reported that the new devices from Google are available in three options, the first: the Small Room Kit that comes with the Smart Camera, the Smart Audio Bar, the Compute System, and the control device at a price of $ 2,699, and the second option is: Medium Room Kit, which is available at a price $ 2,999, and the Large Room Kit, $ 3,999. Google said: These options will be available soon.

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