Google turns some of its offices into sites for vaccination against Corona

Google turns some of its offices into sites for vaccination against Corona

Transformation a company Google some of its facilities to sites for Corona vaccination, starting with Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area in California, Kirkland, Washington, and New York City.

In partnership with healthcare provider One Medical and public health authorities, Google opens buildings, parking lots and open spaces to anyone eligible to get the vaccine based on state and local guidelines.

It comes as the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, wrote in Post, Where The company works with local officials to determine when sites can be opened.

Google has 29 offices across the United States, and many of them have outdoor spaces ideal for social distancing and are currently unused amid the demands of working from home.

There are five offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, while Los Angeles has three.

Pichai said: The Corona pandemic has profoundly affected every society around the world, and has also inspired coordination between the public and private sectors, and across international borders, on a remarkable scale, and we cannot slow down now.

Google also pledged $ 150 million to promote vaccine education and distribution, including $ 100 million in advertising grants and $ 50 million in partnership with health agencies.

As part of this, Google is adding state and district vaccine information to its search pages, and is listing locations in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas into searches and maps over the next few weeks.

Pichai added: We include details, such as: whether the appointment or referral is required, or if access is limited to certain groups, or if there is a car trip, with more states and countries appearing later.

Google noted that early data shows that people of color and people in rural communities have less access to vaccines than other groups.

To this end, Google has also allocated $ 5 million to organizations that address ethnic and geographic disparities regarding Corona vaccines.

Google’s announcement indicates that offices in other countries can be used for Corona vaccinations, despite the fact that the company started in the United States.

It is reported that the tech giant Amazon has opened a pop-up clinic in Seattle, hoping to vaccinate 2,000 people.

In a letter to the new Biden administration, Amazon also pledged to make its facilities a place to vaccinate its 800,000 workforce, while Microsoft also said it was opening an empty building at its headquarters for vaccination.

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