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Google turns an Android phone into a remote control

she spoke a company Google during its annual developer conference on how to help users make their Android phone and all devices connected to it work better together.

Smartphones are the focus of our digital lives, and when we buy a phone these days, we buy a phone and a whole ecosystem of devices that are all expected to work together, such as televisions, laptops, smart watches, and fitness trackers.

Pair your devices with one click:

The fast pairing feature helps make it easy to connect to bluetooth devices around you, and people have used the fast pairing feature so far Over 36 million times to connect their Android phones with Bluetooth accessories from Sony, Microsoft, Philips, Google and many other famous brands.

In the coming months, Google will bring the fast pairing feature to more devices, such as Beats headphones, as well as cars from BMW and Ford.

And you can pair your Android phone with your favorite accessories with one click, whether it’s headphones, speakers, wearable devices, or cars.

Turn on TV and search for entertainment faster:

Google revamped its TV interface last year by giving the Android TV OS a more content-focused overlay that’s easy to navigate with the remote control.

The company announced that it provides built-in remote control tools for Android phones, adding an advantage to its service that Apple TV provided years ago.

The remote control interface looks similar to that of Apple, and there is a touchpad area that takes up most of the screen and allows you to navigate the TV like a cursor.

Below that, there are keys to go back to the page, return to the home screen, or launch the assistant, Allowing an Android phone to be used as a remote control has many benefits.

Google said: This feature will be launched later this year and will work with the Android TV operating system.

Switch between your phone and Chromebook easily:

Android phone and Chromebook work well together, with features like Wi-Fi Sync, Smart Lock, and post launch Phone Hub, you now have a built-in control center that makes it easy to manage your Android phone directly from the Chromebook.

Even if your phone is in another room, you can receive and respond to text messages, check battery life and cellular signal, operate its hotspot, or locate it, all from the Chromebook.

Phone Hub also displays the last Google Chrome browser tabs open on your Android phone, so you can continue where you left off.

And thePhone Hub soon provides access to newly captured photos from your phone, so when you need to edit a photo or share it on social media platforms, you can access it instantly on your Chromebook without having to email it to yourself.

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