Google Stadia now lets you message your friends

Google Stadia now lets you message your friends

Announced Google Stadia cloud game streaming service a company Google has announced adding official support for messaging.

Besides, the service has also announced support for sharing screenshots and videos across the web by sending links.

And when recording a video, in-game voice chat is also included in the recording – unless you are in a group, as this chat is private.

In addition, there is now an easy way to share screenshots and captured videos. The service also adds more information to Google Stadia accounts.

You can now send messages to members of your group – who previously had a voice chat – as well as other players in general.

Google Stadia explains that its messaging feature also includes support for smart replies, which frees users from writing entire messages using the gamepad.

According to the tweets posted by (Mario Anima) Mario Anima, Google Stadia Product Manager, messages are currently posted in all the countries where the service is available: Italy, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Google Stadia user profiles are also updated as part of the changes, the service explains Personal files now include information about the games you own, your friends list, and whether you are online, depending on your privacy settings.

The profile shortcuts also allow players to invite each other to matches.

Family Sharing is officially launched, now that it went live, earlier this month.

This feature allows family group members to access your gaming service library, and you need to own two or more copies of a game in order to play multiplayer games together.

Google launched its cloud game streaming service nearly a year ago, and it is to be reckoned that Google has continued to release updates to the service over the past year.

New features include 4K webcasting, headphone support via Google Stadia controller, as well as a test that showed the service allows game streaming via mobile data.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Google Stadia for those who initially ordered the Founders Edition package.

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