Google shuts down paid Chrome add-ons

Google shuts down paid Chrome add-ons

Announced a company Google has stopped turning off Chrome extensions Paid Provided via the Chrome Web Store.

And as Announced The company, it means that developers trying to monetize their paid Chrome extensions must do so using other payment processing systems.

New paid Chrome extensions are no longer available to developers as of Monday, reinforcing the policy in place since March.

The policy comes on the heels of a temporary suspension of the publication of paid add-ons in January after Google noticed a slight increase in fraudulent transactions aimed at exploiting users.

The new announcement comes to confirm that paid add-ons will not return at all, and moreover, the free trial option offered by the Chrome Web Store will disappear on the first of December.

Google will gradually cancel other functions in the coming months, and the search giant says: After the first of February, the current add-ons will not be able to charge customers using the Chrome e-market payments system.

And all paid add-ons on February 21, 2021 lose access to the payments through the online store.

Later in 2021, Google pulls the components into its licensing API, which enables developers to verify that the user has actually paid for the addition.

And for developers who still want to monetize their add-ons, Google says: They need to switch to another payment processor and new API for licensing.

Most people likely haven’t purchased a paid Chrome extension before, so this change might not be of much significance.

Any addition to Chrome that includes a paid component requires the use of billing details and methods, regardless of what Google provided long ago.

It is noteworthy that these are not the only noticeable changes to additions made by Google this year, as the company introduced a number of policy updates in April aimed at reducing unwanted additions.

These include blocking multiple add-ons that do the same thing, not letting developers manipulate reviews to try to gain a better position for their add-on, and preventing extensions that misuse alerts.

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