Google shuts down its Expeditions virtual reality app

Google shuts down its Expeditions virtual reality app

Finished a company Google supports the application of virtual reality Expeditions, so that the application, which was offering educational tours in virtual reality, will be removed from the iOS and Android app stores on June 30, 2021.

Most of the tech companies invested in virtual reality five years ago and saw it in the future, and one of Google’s efforts was to use virtual reality as a way to allow students to go on virtual field trips.

Most of the app tours should migrate to the separate Arts & Culture app from Google, allowing users to watch the tours via the web or mobile device.

The search giant published the news on PostAnd made the decision to make Expeditions tours accessible to students during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Given that the Arts and Culture app offers so many Expeditions rounds, we’re not going to support Expeditions anymore,” wrote (Jennifer Holland), Director of Education Programs at Google.

She added: We realized that immersive experiences with virtual reality glasses are not always within the reach of all learners, and we hope this provides teachers with a bridge to continue using immersive content to transform their classrooms and enrich the learning experience for their students.

Google launched the Cardboard VR app in 2015 as a limited access experience for teachers.

After a year, it made the app available to everyone on the Android platform, and continued to sell Expedition’s proprietary kits that included a tablet, phones, Cardboard VR goggles, and a router. For virtual field trips.

Tours of the app included 360-degree panoramas to see museums, festivals, and distant wonders of the world.

Google has since retracted virtual reality, the company discontinued its Daydream VR platform and last year made Cardboard VR an open source community project.

Expeditions does better than Daydream by integrating it into the Arts & Culture app, which is home to museum collections and other augmented reality experiences, and you can also view some Arts & Culture app content via Cardboard VR.

Google is also ending support for Tour Creator, which allows people to take their own tour of Expeditions, by saying: The Tour Creator feature will not be available after June 30 of next year.

Google is allowing users to export assets from their current rounds in the coming months.

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