Google removes Parler due to calls for violence

Google removes Parler due to calls for violence

Hung up a company On Friday, Google’s Parler service for social networks from its app store, due to the posts that incite violence within the application favored by many supporters of the US President (Donald Trump).

On Friday, Apple granted the service 24 hours to provide a detailed oversight plan, referring to the participants who used the service to coordinate the Wednesday siege of the US Capitol.

The actions taken by Google and Apple mean that the network seen as a haven for people expelled from Twitter may become unavailable on the world’s major mobile app stores within a day.

Right-leaning social media users in the United States flocked to Parler, the messaging app Telegram and the social site Gab, citing aggressive surveillance of political commentary on major platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the suspension of the service, Google, whose software runs Android phones, cited its policy against apps that promote violence and provided recent examples from Parler, including a post on Friday titled “How to Take Back Our Country Through About 20 Coordinated Strikes.”

John Matze, CEO of Parler, said in a blog post on Friday: that Apple applies standards to Parler that it does not apply to itself.

In a statement, Google said: For us to distribute an application via Google Play, we require applications to implement strong supervision of explicit content, and in light of this persistent and urgent threat to public safety, we suspend application lists from Google Play Store until these issues are resolved.

In a letter from Apple’s App Store review team to Parler, Apple cited mob participants who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

In the message, Apple said: Content that threatens the well-being of others or aims to incite violence or other illegal acts has not been accepted via the App Store.

And Apple gave Parler a 24-hour period to remove all objectionable content, in addition to any content indicating harm to people or attacks on government facilities now or at any future date.

The company also requested that Parler provide a written plan to amend and filter this content from the app.

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