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Google reduces its store fees for developers

Announced a company Google on scale down Its 30 percent fee, which it takes from every digital purchase from the Google Play Store, to all Android developers around the world for the first million dollars they make through the digital store every year, starting on July 1.

According to Google, this change means that 99 percent of Android developers who sell digital goods or services will see a 50 percent reduction in fees.

Google News comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement scale down Fees rose 15 percent last year as part of the New Small Business Program.

There is one fundamental difference, as Apple’s fee reduction only applies to developers earning less than $ 1 million annually, but if the app maker crosses the $ 1 million threshold at any time of the year, it is removed from Apple’s program and is subject to the standard 30 percent rate.

The Google program is a fixed deduction for the first million US dollars of developers each year.

This means that whether you are a student who makes your first app or a multibillion-dollar company, the first million dollars you make through the Google Play Store each year Google charges you only 15 percent.

That means any money you make next is subject to the usual 30 percent fee.

A Google spokesperson said: The company felt that applying the reduced fees equally to all companies was a fair approach in line with its goals of helping developers of all sizes.

And Google imposed a fee of 30 percent for any purchases through the Google Play Store since it was first launched in the name of the Android Market.

The 30 percent fee was fixed throughout the life of the Google Store, and the only exception was subscriptions, as it announced in 2018 to reduce the percentage to 15 percent for subscription products after users subscribed for a full year.

There are relatively few developers who make more than $ 1 million each year, and still pay 30 percent.

Google notes that only about 3 percent of Android developers charge for downloading apps or digital in-app purchases, and only 1 percent of these developers achieve more than the $ 1 million threshold.

The new policy also comes at a critical moment when application store policies are subject to intense scrutiny, which has begun with the removal of the Fortnite game from Apple and Google stores and subsequent antitrust lawsuits against Apple and Google.

This issue also tops legislation, as states such as Arizona and North Dakota are discussing new laws that will force Google and Apple to offer more ways to distribute alternative software and payment options across the platforms.

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