Google Photos now supports syncing starred Apple photos

Google Photos now supports syncing starred Apple photos

Now Google Photos supports syncing starred Apple photos

When it comes to synchronizing photos and making it as a comprehensive library that can be accessed at any time, anywhere and on any device, the Google Photos service offers that and more, however, it is a popular service among the masses of Android users, and the reason is due to the restrictions imposed by Apple on its iOS system, Users of the latter system are forced to use Apple’s photo service instead of Google’s service.

But now, there is a radical and very important change, as the Google Photos application now supports the ability to sync favorite photos with Apple photos, and we mean the favorite photos, the ones that have been marked with a star, and this of course makes the experience more smooth.

To start the sync process, open Google Photos and then go to Settings by clicking on your profile picture, and from there, you will now find a new Apple Photos menu that allows you to enable the option to sync your favorite photos. Once enabled, the photos you liked on the Apple service will be marked with a star in Google photo service.

Finally, there is another new feature, which is available exclusively for the Pixel phones campaign, where the application got a new filter that adds the HDR effect to images, with support for controlling the degree of the effect from a value of 0 to 100.


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