Google Photos makes your photos appear in 3D

Google Photos makes your photos appear in 3D

Subtract Google Photos service a series of updates, including the cinematic 3D feature, the results aim to make your memories more vivid.

The new cinematic 3D images are created using machine learning that predicts image depth to produce a 3D representation of a scene.

This feature works as well if the original image does not include depth information from the camera, as Google applies its techniques in order to obtain the effect of smooth movement.

The new photo appears in the recent featured photos section at the top of the photo grid, and you can then share that photo with friends or family, or send it as a video.

There are also updates to the Memories feature, which highlights your best photos from past years.

During the next month, the company says, Memories will be expanded to include cinematic 3D images, updated collage designs, and new types of memories.

These new types of memories may include those of important people in your life or your favorites, depending on the photos you upload.

It shows a company Google that you can hide specific people or specific time periods in the application if you do not want parts of the photo history to appear in Memories.

You can also turn off the option to not alert you about Memories, if you don’t like this feature.

The new types of memories come after a challenging year as users have been stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, often trying a different set of activities for entertainment.

Instead of going to big gatherings, such as concerts or traveling to new destinations, many people stayed home and spent their time with families.

And new memories help accentuate some of these favorite activities during the year when people might not have taken as many selfies as before.

Google also started rolling out new bulk designs for some Google Photos users earlier this month.

Collage photos allow you to create different designs using your photos, while the service designs layouts using artificial intelligence.

This includes choosing the background to match the selection of photos, finding similar colors, and using those colors to highlight the font and background of the collage.

Here is a GIF from Google comparing the 2D image to the cinematic image.

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