Google Photos add changing background related to your memories

Google Photos add changing background related to your memories

Issued a company Google version 5.22 from Implementation Its service to save Google Photos via the Google Play Store, so that the update to the app brings a new feature based on your memories.

Google added in September last year a new way to display memories in Google Photos, and that To help users rediscover old photos and videos.

Since its release, Google has tested a set of additional features to display memories, including an option to request printed copies of photos, support for designing photos, and a new album entitled Recent Highlights to display an automatically organized album of your best photos.

The new update of the service application includes a new live wallpaper related to your memories, so that Android users can now set the wallpaper to alternate a random set of saved images.

And the new live wallpapers can be found when you go to the setting select wallpaper within your phone, where an option called (Memories) appears, and your phone starts – after choosing it – to drag pictures from the Memories section in Google Photos to move between them as wallpaper.

Selecting the wallpaper displays a preview of how the memories will appear across the Home screenIf you like what you see within the preview window, you can click the button to set wallpaper in the right corner of the live wallpaper app.

The preview window includes a button to open photos within Google Photos. However, opening the app does not offer any additional options to customize the live wallpaper at this time.

Moreover, the preview window contains a checkbox called (Preview) in the upper right corner, which hides the aforementioned buttons in order to display the wallpaper in full screen mode.

The main problem here is that Google determines what can be considered memories based on its machine learning algorithms, so you will not be able to determine what will appear.

It is noteworthy that Google had announced earlier that it would cancel the unlimited free capacity for storing photos on the first of June 2021, with the Google Photos service starting to charge a fee for storage capacity of more than 15 GB.

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