Google offers 2 gigabit optical fiber service

Google offers 2 gigabit optical fiber service

Announced a company Google that the Google Fiber service has launched its fastest service ever, with a download speed of up to 2 gigabits per second.

The service has been in testing since it was initially announced by the company in August, and it is not prohibitively expensive, but availability is very limited.

Currently there are fewer than twenty cities with Google Fiber, and most of them are located in California, such as the tech hubs in San Francisco and Oakland.

However, 2 gigabits per second will be more exclusive, as only two cities, Huntsville and Nashville, provide it, along with the normal 1 Gbps speed.

The price for a subscription to Google Fiber 1 Gbps is $ 70 per month, while the price for the subscription to Google Fiber at 2 Gbps is $ 100 per month.

Given that this download speed is greater than what many consumer modems and routers can actually handle, the ISP will provide customers with the Google Fiber Multi-Gig router.

And this router comes with a tri-band extender for mesh network to cover more of the home, along with support for WiFi 6.

Google Fiber plans to provide this speed across most of its other sites by early next year.

There is a possibility that you can sign up as a test lab, even without a wide availability. Those wishing can subscribe to the company’s free program Trusted Tester, With the ability to try new features and services, such as increasing speed, when the internet service provider needs user feedback.

Google Fiber said: Its 2 Gbps speed is ready for premium users, cutting edge devices, and advanced smart homes using a lot of internet.

She added: You can download a 4K movie in just 1.2 minutes, or a 10 GB game in just 42.2 seconds, while Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 download 150 GB takes only 11 minutes.

Internet connection speeds have become a thorny topic this year, as the number of people who work from home, study remotely or switch to homeschooling entirely, has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

This highlights how typical internet service provider connection speeds vary, depending on where you live.

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