Google Messages may stop working across a range of phones

Google Messages may stop working across a range of phones

Google Messages is one of the most popular apps from a company Google, and many users use it daily without realizing they are using it.

By default, the app comes with many devices as the default SMS, MMS and RCS app.

Most of the users should be satisfied with the functionality provided by the app and have no real reason to explore alternatives.

But if one of the potential changes is realized, they may need to look for alternatives, as the new strings within the app indicate that Google Messages may stop working on unsupported Android phones in April 2021.

New chains were spotted in The version is 7.2.203 From Google Messages showing that the app may stop working across unapproved Android devices from March 31, 2021 onwards.

Unapproved Android devices are those that run the Android operating system, but have skipped or failed the official Google certification process for Google Mobile Services (GMS).

These devices do not come with the mandatory Google apps, but these device vendors usually have instructions on how users can download Google apps and service frameworks.

Google put an end to such practices from device makers, but Google Messages, as an SMS app, remained immune from the repercussions of those decisions.

The app can be easily downloaded sideways if it was not previously installed, and there is no need to log into Google for the app to work alone, so it still works across all Android devices, including new devices from Huawei.

This may change soon, so that if you have an unsupported Android device, the app will not work.

This change is assumed to be an extension of the end-to-end RCS encryption offering, as Google will not be able to guarantee that an unauthorized device will not be compromised, and that the subsequent conversation from users of these devices will not be compromised in any way.

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