Google Maps offers payment for parking

Google Maps offers payment for parking

Add Google Maps is a useful new feature that is the ability to pay for parking, to make parking a little easier and safer as well.

Google Maps is integrating two mobile parking payment services into its app, namely Passport And the ParkMobile.

Both offer the ability to find, pay for and renew parking meters or parking fees through the smartphone app.

The company clarified that you must click on The pay for parking button that appears when you are near your destination, and then enter the counter number, the length of time you want to park, and then click on the payment option.

And you can also add more time to the counter by easily extending your parking session with just a few clicks.

She said The Google: The ability to pay for parking in Google Maps will be available in more than 400 cities in the United States, including Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and more.

Android phone users get the feature first, and iPhone owners are following suit soon.

And thanks to integration with both Passport and ParkMobile parking solution providers, you can now easily pay the meter directly via the app, avoiding touching the meter.

Google also says it is expanding the ability to pay public transport fares to more than 80 transportation systems around the world.

This means you can learn how to pay before even getting onto a public transportation, as well as being able to purchase transportation credit directly through maps in specific locations, such as San Francisco.

Google says: This expansion is happening via Android in the coming weeks.

If you search for transportation directions in Google Maps, you will see an option to purchase tickets appear alongside the results.

Similar to the parking feature, customers need to have a Google Pay account linked to a valid credit or debit card to perform the transaction.

A number of transportation systems around the world have modernized fare collection methods to include contactless payment methods or Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Some transportation systems based on weekly or monthly passes, such as the Oyster Card in London or the Clipper Card in San Francisco, have also begun working with Apple and Google to integrate these payment passes into their applications.

It is reported that Google is not the only technology giant trying to attract transportation riders, as both Uber and Lyft have recently begun to integrate transportation trends into their respective applications.

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