Google Maps now provides fine detail at street level

Google Maps now provides accurate street level detail
Google Maps now provides fine detail at street level

Perhaps one of the most important things lacking service Google Maps “Maps” is the presence of details of pedestrian crossing areas for walking directions, and it is known that the application tells us the length of time to travel from one point to another, but in reality this period takes longer when taking pedestrian paths into account.

Now, it seems that Google has addressed this problem by launching ultra-accurate street details on its maps, provided that this support is currently for four major cities, which are “London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo.”

For his part, this support is not born of the moment, as the company announced it in August of last year, and it was launched in a limited way in December of the same year, and although it is still limited, it is now supporting more users.

As for accessibility to these details, if you live in one of these cities, zoom in enough to reach street level, and once you do, you will notice many improvements, including accurately describing road widths, rounded corners and even plants on the side of the road accurately, as Pedestrian lanes and islands will be indicated, wheelchair or pram lanes will be shown and much more.

Finally, these add-ons are launched from the server side, however, it is preferable to download the latest version of the Google Maps application, if any, and we hope the company will expand its support for this to more countries and cities around the world.



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