Google makes it easy for people with special needs to use its smart assistant

Google makes it easy for people with special needs to use its smart assistant

I entered a company Google at partnership With Tobii Dynavox, a leader in (accessibility) devices, to integrate the Google smart assistant into the Snap Core First series of tablets and dedicated mobile apps.

With this deal between Google and the company famous for making speech-producing and eye-tracking devices, people who find it difficult to speak can now use the assistant to control home devices and other smart home products.

Although Tobii may be more widely known in the technology industry for its eye-tracking software for consumer electronics such as laptops and VR headsets through a separate subsidiary known as Tobii Tech, many of these same innovations support the line of Tobii Dynavox for speech synthesis tablets, and its accompanying software suite, both of which are widely used in the areas of accessibility and assistive technology.

These touch-screen devices allow their owners to customize a screen of icons that can produce words and audio excerpts, allowing people with developmental disabilities or impaired motor functions to communicate; Either by touching the icons or by using only their eyes.

Since Google Assistant requires the user to use their voice to access many of the platform’s features, it cannot be easily accessed to people who are unable to issue voice commands in the way the program is designed to receive them.

However, the new Tobii integration will make it easier to control Google devices using a Tobii speech synthesizer, with custom button options such as the Play Music Control button. Speech synthesizers will issue commands directly to the Google device, ensuring that the smart speaker or smart screen will be able to fulfill a request to turn on lights in a room, or arrange a playlist on Spotify.

Google is also integrating the Tobii Dynavox library of tens of thousands of pictograms – visual symbols that translate into a desired word, phrase, or action that can be programmed onto the Tobii series of tablets – into the existing platform for Action Blocks.

It is noteworthy that the Action Blocks platform was first launched last year, and it allows users to summarize a complex series of actions on an Android phone or tablet, such as: opening the phone application and calling a contact in the favorites list, in a large button that can be placed on the home screen where it is located Easier.

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