Google launches an ARM version of Chrome for new Apple computers

Google launches an ARM version of Chrome for new Apple computers

Google has launched a new version of the Chrome web browser specifically targeted to the new Mac computers from Apple that are running the company’s new (M1) M1 processor based on the ARM architecture.

And he said Director (Chrome) at Google – (Mark Chang): The company intends to launch an ARM version of the Chrome browser today, Wednesday, for the new Mac computers from Apple, noting that the company began launching the version on Tuesday, but it has temporarily stopped the launch; Because the transcript It was shutting down unexpectedly.

In theory, the original version of the browser – which is known for its high consumption of computer resources – might work more efficiently on ARM-based Macs.

Google launched a new version of Chrome on Tuesday, describing it as “the biggest performance gain for Chrome in years,” thanks to some subtle changes. The company did not mention anything on its blog about the new version, optimized for ARM-based Macs.

And launched Adobe, on Tuesday, is a copy of ARM processors from the popular photo-editing program (Photoshop) Photoshop For both operating systems Windows, And theMac OS.

The new trial version of Photoshop will allow owners of devices: (Surface Pro X) Surface Pro X from Microsoft, (MacBook Pro) MacBook Pro, (MacBook Air) MacBook Air, or (Mac mini) Mac mini – the new ones that work With an (M1) M1 processor from Apple, running Photoshop without the need for simulations on their devices, noting that Photoshop simulations are currently running on Windows devices that use ARM processors, or through Apple’s Rosetta platform on Mac OS system.

Besides Photoshop support, Announced Game maker Blizzard also said World of Warcraft will run without emulation on Macs that use ARM processors.

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