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Google is trying to preserve the endangered languages

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I have a company Google is a new way to preserve endangered languages, by giving cultures the artificial intelligence tools they need to protect the languages ​​themselves.

The company was launched in cooperation Youjambé Museum In Queensland Woolaroo, Which is an open source web application to translate images and help preserve endangered languages.

The app is also available through Google Arts & Culture for Android and iOS. It uses machine learning, cloud vision and image recognition to translate images of objects into the original languages ​​in real time.

As a user, you just have to point your phone’s camera at something to get the AI ​​to recognize it and describe it in a specific language, complete with pronunciation.

The true power of Woolaroo comes from its open nature, and communities can use it to expand vocabulary on their own terms.

And if you remember a word that has not yet been covered, you can add it and pronounce it, and this may be especially important for languages ​​that do not contain unique words to describe modern concepts, such as phones or computers.

And if multiple objects are detected in an image, users can scroll and select subtitles based on each object, and you can edit or delete entries if they are inaccurate as well.

The app initially explores ten languages ​​from around the world, including Maori, Yiddish, Yogambé, Berber and Sicilian, and can be translated into English, French or Spanish.

And UNESCO has determined that no less than 2572 of the world’s languages, estimated at 6000 languages, face at least some danger.

Although Woolaroo will not guarantee that the languages ​​will remain in active use, it may prevent them and their associated history from vanishing into obscurity.

It is reported that Google revealed earlier this year that it is introducing a new feature for the Google Translate application, which allows the application to transcribe voice from one language to another in almost real time.

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