Google is struggling to fix Stadia after its developer has been laid off

Google is struggling to fix Stadia after its developer has been laid off

After weeks of cutting out game developers, it fixed a company Google is a fatal flaw in the game Journey to the Savage Planet over Stadia.

The game was non-playable for some via the streaming platform, as it was frozen in the main menu.

The game arrived on Stadia on February 1 as a free gift to Stadia Pro subscribers, the same day that Google closed Stadia Studios and employees were either transferred in other parts of Google or laid off.

And a user of the Reddit platform launched Caution On the issue the day after Google announced that it was closing its internal Stadia game development studios and ending game production.

Google bought Typhoon Studios in 2019, the developer of Journey to the Savage Planet, to support the team.

Support for Stadia said: The publisher 505 Games You will deal with the problem, and 505 Games brought Journey to the Savage Planet to other platforms, although Google published it via Stadia.

According to 505 Games, it cannot address the issue given that Google owns all the game code and data for the Stadia version.

Journey to the Savage Planet was one of the first games to be released by SG&E in-house development studios, and is now the last game.

The Stadia Community Manager apologized on the issue and said Google is actively working with its partners to define a fix.

Since then, the Stadia team has solved the problem, and said: The problem is now resolved, and we thank everyone for your patiencePlease let us know if the problem persists on your end.

The incident was the latest example of turmoil at Stadia, as besides the shutdown of game development studios, the service is facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that the games do not run in true 4K resolution across the platform as promised.

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