Google is shutting down Cloud Print this week

Google is shutting down Cloud Print this week

Preparing a company Google within the next few days to close Serve it Cloud Print, launched in 2010 as a way to make printers more available for Chrome OS and make it easier to print documents via Chrome OS devices.

The support site notes that the service is no longer required, and for most people stopping the service might be little more than a minor inconvenience when they discover that cloud printing was still their default printing option.

The service came at a time when printer support in Chrome OS was weak, and in 2017 the company added the native print option, allowing you to connect the Chrome OS device to any compatible printer across your network, without the need for Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print was a service that was designed to meet a specific need during a specified period in history, as it was designed to address that Chrome OS, at least in 2010, did not have its own native print framework.

This method wasn’t quite as comfortable as Google imagined it, but it was the only solution available during that time.

The service required printers to be compatible with cloud printing, which means they can connect directly to the Internet without a computer.

It also meant that users would have to go down the ring road to send files to a remote server to be sent to a printer right next door.

By 2017, Chrome OS acquired its own printing system, which allowed it to communicate with printers over the local network, just like regular operating systems.

This means that Google cloud printing is outdated, the remaining use cases are no longer present, and Google announced by last year the complete closure of the service on January 1, 2021.

Google recommends moving now if you’ve invested in Cloud Print, as everything is integrated into the browser, apps, and devices, and most printers are connected via a wireless network.

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