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Google is re-discovering RSS through the Site Follow feature

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Are testing a company Google, a new feature of the Google Chrome browser via the Android system that allows users to follow websites to create an updated list of new content they publish.

The feature is based on RSS, an open source web standard that has been the backbone of many popular web tools in the past, including Google Reader that no longer exists now.

Eight years after the sudden demise of Google Reader, Google is back to adopting RSS once again.

The test is small in size, and watchable sites will be an option for some users of Chrome Canary in the US only (the developer version of Google Chrome that gives access to experimental features).

Users can follow the sites from their browser menu, and updates are compiled into a card-based feed that appears when users open a new tab.

Although this is only an early test, it is important for users who may not be familiar with RSS, as this technology has allowed to maintain a personalized feed of new content from your favorite sites, blogs and podcasts.

Although tools that used these extracts were very popular for a while, they were blocked for many reasons.

Many see the demise of RSS as a turning point for the web, as decentralized, chronological feeds have been replaced by interactive algorithms for the social media giants.

And theShe tweeted Adrienne Porter Felt from Google that the following feed relies on RSS and that the company is building it to meet the user’s need, and added that the feature mainly relies on RSS to pull content from sites, but it can also obtain additional information using the crawler.

Google recommends that sites keep their RSS feed up-to-date so that Google Chrome can get the most recent content, and it is also asking for input from publishers, bloggers, creatives, and internet users.

“We’re exploring how to simplify the experience of getting the latest and best of your favorite websites directly in Google Chrome, based on the open web standard RSS,” the company said.

She added: Our vision is to help people build a direct connection with their favorite publishers and creators across the web.

News of the feature arrives on the heels of the annual Google I / O developer conference 2021, where it unveiled a range of new products, including the next versions of Android and Wear OS, along with updates to images, maps and searches.

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