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Google is making Android tablets more useful

Announced a company Google announced a new feature across Android tablets targeting media consumption called Entertainment Space.

And after Android tablets were in decline, the epidemic came and made us care about them again.

And according to Google, last year the number of Android tablet users increased by 30 percent compared to the previous year.

And to make these devices even more useful, the company is rolling out the Entertainment Space feature, which acts as a gateway to all the media apps that you have installed.

Entertainment Space is a one-stop-shop that combines videos (TV shows, movies and YouTube), games, and books.

Google has been developing Entertainment Space for two years, which is one of the most important changes to the Android tablet experience for a long time.

The Entertainment Space division appears to the left of the home screen on tablets from Walmart starting this month, and is expanding globally to include devices from Lenovo, Sharp and others later in the year.

An update is supposed to arrive later this year to provide Entertainment Space for those who currently own an Android tablet from one of the three brands.

Google said: This feature saves time and avoids having to switch between applications to try to discover what to do, whether it is for watching, playing or reading.

She added: Once you log into your subscription apps, Entertainment Space shows you your content in one place and is tailored for you, and if you want to share your tablet device, everyone in the family can have their own dedicated account.

The viewing section basically looks like the Google TV experience via Chromecast, but has been squeezed into the tablet screen.

Google controls all content recommendations, but given that device manufacturers can pre-load apps across devices, this may affect the videos that receive attention until you enter and customize your services.

And if you don’t want Entertainment Space to replace whatever is currently on the left of your home screen, the ability to turn the feature off depends entirely on whether the company that made your tablet allows this option.

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