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Google is dying for a major update to Wear OS

Published a company The Google Tweet New from the official Wear OS account on the Twitter platform looking forward to an update that it wants to announce during its annual Google I / O 2021 developer conference on the smartwatch operating system.

Google has even suggested that the developer conference may feature an entirely new version of Wear OS across page I / O Adventure, which is a virtual world of testing products that Google may announce at the conference.

And Wear OS got a set of new features during the last period, but not the dramatic rethink of the platform that you might need.

Last year, Google added a new keyboard, support for third-party apps’ Tiles (a Wear OS feature on viewable UI-like information), and performance improvements.

But Wear OS’s last major design change – other than adding Tiles – came in 2018.

Google’s acquisition of smartwatch technology from Fossil in 2019 and its plans to acquire Fitbit in 2020 reignited hope that it is also gaining a renewed interest in wearables as a concept.

Its acquisition of Fitbit has come under heavy criticism over privacy concerns about the health data that came with it, but the deal was approved in 2021.

Google’s partners, which manufacture wearables, have tried to provide a lifeline for the platform. Fossil watches – like the Gen 5 and Gen 5 LTE – have often been limited by the poor performance of Qualcomm’s smartwatch processors.

Mobvoi has taken a different approach with TicWatch Pro 3 for 2021, by designing Wear OS, layering more layers in an additional screen, and filling the watch with a bunch of custom apps, but it still faces some wear OS issues.

Google is looking forward to a new version of the Wear OS, and there are rumors about some devices that may support the operating system to rise again, where it is said: Samsung may abandon the Tizen operating system in exchange for using Google’s system in its next smartwatches.

And it seems that Google has a plan to address the shortcomings by having a powerful and big new partner like Samsung, a team specializing in wearables, and the possibility of the new visual design of Android 12 arriving to Wear OS.

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