Google improves location tracking accuracy within Android phones

Google improves location tracking accuracy within Android phones

Location tracking should be accurate across many Android phones in the coming year Revealed Google for the steps it has taken to improve the accuracy of GPS tracking in urban areas.

Google understands that getting someone’s exact location isn’t always accurate, especially in dense urban areas, thanks to location tracking errors.

Google has introduced version 2 of the GPS fixes with the help of 3D maps for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones, which are characterized by greatly improving the accuracy in urban areas compared to what is currently available.

The problem of determining the location of a person in the urban area is due to the density of the buildings, and Google explains that GPS systems rely on the process of line-of-sight from satellites.

Most of the signals reach devices in cities through reflections, because buildings block direct signals.

Google said: The GPS chip assumes that the signal is line-of-sight, and the error occurs when calculating the length of the extra path that the signals travel to.

The latest feature from Google is supported by signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

One of the major benefits of these improvements is that ride-sharing applications will not be seen Inaccurate sites anymore.

Google said: The wrong side of the street is caused by GPS signals reflected in cities, and we have embarked on an ambitious project to help solve this big problem with the GPS.

She added: Our solution uses corrections with the help of 3D maps and can be implemented on a large scale; It includes 3D building models, GPS initial measurements, and machine learning.

Wrong side street accidents are reduced by 75 percent with 3D Mapping GPS Corrections Edition 2.

On the other hand, crashes on the wrong side of the street decreased by 50 percent with version 1 of the GPS-Assisted 3D Maps fixes for other Android phones.

Google plans to bring version 2 of the 3D Maps-Assisted GPS fixes to All devices running Android 8 or later in 2021.

3D-assisted GPS fixes version 2 arrives as a service update Google Play, which is available across all GMS-enabled Android devices.

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