Google has discontinued the Pixelbook

Google has discontinued the Pixelbook

Pixelbook became a computer a company Google is now unavailable at the shopThree years after its release, the search giant announced it as its first laptop in October 2017, and it has been followed since then by (Pixel Slate) and (Pixelbook Go).

The Google Store in the United States lists all three configurations and the revamped model as unavailable, while the store in the United Kingdom states that it is no longer available, while the Canadian store only has the top model available, and these are the only three countries in which Google has offered a device. Chromebook.

Google confirmed that the Pixelbook computer is not available now, and said: We are proud of the success of (Pixelbook), which will continue to receive the latest versions of the operating system according to For instructions auto update.

The company directed potential buyers to (Pixelbook GoIt offers similar high-performance items in a familiar form available from $ 649, she explains.

Google refused to explicitly say: it has discontinued the Pixelbook, but it is not expected that the original computer will return again.

The Pixelbook Go is not a two-in-one device, and thus lacks a stylus input, but it is less expensive.

This device (Chrome OS) dates back to the (Chromebook Pixel) device from 2013 onwards, and (Pixelbook) maintains a 3: 2 display, which is ideal for browsing the web and lets you see more of the page.

This device is mostly made of metal (aluminum), and it is compatible with the Pixel phone design language by highlighting a color gradient of Gorilla Glass with the “G” logo in the upper left corner.

The Pixelbook is a two-in-one device, so it can be used as a tablet, and its operating system has been improved, and it features stylus support, and there are fairly thick black edges surrounding the touch screen.

Other hardware aspects include two USB-C ports and the ability to tap to get a rough estimate of battery life.

In terms of specifications, it is powered by seventh-generation Intel Core processors, and the device starts at $ 999 for an Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage space (SSD).

And for an additional $ 200, you get double the storage space, while the best version provides an Intel Core i7 processor with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of NVMe storage space, for $ 1649.

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