Google Glass glasses get the Meet app

Google Glass glasses get the Meet app

The Enterprise Edition 2 (Enterprise Edition) version of the a company Google Glass is able to use the application (Google Meet), formerly known as (Hangouts Meet).

This allows remote supervisors to see through the eyes of field workers and help them complete tasks through live chat.

And bringing (Google Meet) to (Google Glass) makes it easy for workers on the site to communicate face to face with others who work remotely, so the main advantage of the glasses is the ability to communicate while keeping your hands free to perform tasks.

This capability was tested for the first time in Google’s data centers, and it replaced people walking around with a huge webcam or laptop.

The wearer sees an incoming video window with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. The wearable device contains an 8-megapixel camera with an 80-degree field of view and three microphones, in addition to a speaker, Bluetooth and (USB) support.

Google says in Post: The new Meet function is only for Google Workspace clients., And customers need to apply for a trial.

This comes despite the fact that Google has opened the door to direct sales of the Enterprise Edition 2 version of (Google Glass) in February for $ 999.

Microsoft and Google have a diverse group of corporate customers for eyeglasses, with Boeing being one of the gains Google Inc. used it to help build aircraft.

Google has been pushing Meet a lot since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which makes sense given the emergence of competitive teleconferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The search giant recently brought its video chatting platform to Gmail, introduced its Meet room devices, and added conference calls to Nest smart screens.

Microsoft has been pursuing this idea since the first HoloLens demonstrations Over a Skype video call.

Microsoft has since discontinued (Skype for HoloLens), And instead charge between $ 20 and $ 65 per user per month to access the (Dynamics 365 Remote Assist) the most recent.

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