You are currently viewing Google founder balloon uses the largest hydrogen fuel cell in the world

Google founder balloon uses the largest hydrogen fuel cell in the world

Undercover Airship Company plans LTA Affiliated to the founder a company Google (Sergey Brin) to operate a huge disaster relief balloon with the world’s largest mobile hydrogen fuel cell.

And reveal List of jobs From the company that LTA wants to configure a 1.5 MW hydrogen propulsion system for a balloon used to deliver humanitarian aid and revolutionize transportation.

Although there are no specifications associated with the job listing, it is possible that such a system would be powerful enough to cross oceans.

Airships fly much slower than jets, but they are capable of landing or carrying cargo almost anywhere.

Hydrogen fuel cells are an attractive solution to electric aviation because they are lighter and cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

However, the largest flying hydrogen fuel cell to date is a 0.25 MW (250 kW) system in the ZeroAvia small passenger plane.

The first manned LTA airship prototype, called Pathfinder 1, is supposed to be powered by batteries when it arrives.

FAA records show that the Pathfinder 1 includes 12 electric motors and is capable of carrying 14 people.

Since the Hindenburg disaster in 1937, most balloons, including the LTA balloon, have used nonflammable helium as a lift gas.

The use of hydrogen makes sense, according to Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo of the German Space Center. Develop A 1.5MW fuel cell to power a 60-seat regional electric plane.

We can go about 125 miles with batteries, and we should be able to go about 1,000 miles with hydrogen, and airships are more suitable for fuel cell efficiency, ”Calou said.

Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce water and electricity, but they are traditionally heavy and complex.

Placing one in the airship adds additional complications, such as: safely transporting liquid hydrogen in fuel tanks, storing produced water and dealing with a lot of waste heat.

The LTA’s first fuel cell will be a 0.75 MW system built by a third party and modified into one of the current prototypes.

“There is nothing functionally hindering the use of the hydrogen fuel cell, but the problem is,” Calou said In economic terms, maybe (Sergey Brin) can do that.

And Brienne is now Ninth richest person in the worldHis net worth is over $ 86 billion.

And theSays LTA: The primary use case for airship will be humanitarian disaster response and relief efforts, especially in remote areas that are not easily accessible due to limited or destroyed infrastructure.

LTA will likely work closely with the International Support and Development Organization GSD Non-profit affiliated with the founder of Google Operating in places of natural disasters for the past five years.

The organization prides itself on reaching out before traditional NGOs, using the occasional google luxury yacht.

Tax records show that Breen is the largest funder of GSD, giving her $ 7.5 million in 2019.

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