Google forms a new security team for sensitive applications

Google forms a new security team for sensitive applications

I opened a company Google is the door to hiring in order to form a security team for the Android system to be tasked with searching for vulnerabilities in highly sensitive applications within the Google Play Store.

And the company recently published List New jobs for the Security Engineering Manager, who will be responsible for forming a team to conduct security assessments for highly sensitive Android apps from third parties within the Google Play Store.

And according to To report (ZDNet) talk about this issue, the new Android security team focuses on applications, such as the Corona virus contact tracing app and election-related applications that deal with sensitive user data.

The job listing also reveals that along with work, the new Android security team will also provide remedial guidance to affected app developers On discovering vulnerabilities in sensitive applications.

According to Sebastian Porst, director of software engineering at Google Play Protect, the team will be responsible for working with other Android security teams to find new and innovative ways to reduce vulnerabilities in Android applications at scale.

A Google spokesman confirmed that the job listing is already for a new team that will be responsible for continuing the work done by the Android Security Improvement Program and the Google Play Store Security Rewards Program.

Given that the (Google Play) security rewards program is limited On applications with more than 100 million users, the decision to bring in a new team to deal with sensitive applications that are not covered by the program is a good step.

The new team complements the work done by independent security researchers through the Google Play store security rewards program. Google reports bugs from security researchers and pays for the errors on behalf of the app owners.

Lucas Stefanko said (Lukas Stefanko), Malware analyst at Slovak Security Corporation (ESET) describing Google’s latest effort: It’s definitely a good step.

Stefanko added: Finding security problems with a serious impact is not that easy and requires a lot of time and experience.

And the presence of a dedicated team ensures that some of the best security talent in the world combined with the full effort of Google to check applications may end the current exploitation.

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