Google Drive will delete recycle bin files automatically after a month

Google Drive will delete recycle bin files automatically after a month

She said a company Google: As of October 13, it will delete the files that users of its cloud storage service (Google Drive) move to the Recycle Bin after a specified period.

The American tech giant explained at Published The files will be automatically removed from the recycle bin after 30 days. This change means that the files transferred to the Trash in Drive will work in the same way as other Google products, such as Gmail, with the aim of obtaining more consistent behavior across all Google products.

Previously, the Cloud Drive service kept files in the recycle bin indefinitely, unless the user entered himself and emptied the trash to physically delete them, which turns the recycle bin task from just a basket to delete into a way to hide files that the user does not want to see in the service.

G Suite administrators will also still have the ability to restore items that were deleted from the trash bin for a while Up to 25 days for active usersSo if a user accidentally lost an important business document, there is still a chance to save it.

Although the automatic file deletion feature in the Recycle Bin may be frustrating for some users, there are other benefits as well, given that Google counts deleted files that have not been deleted from users’ drive storage quota.

And to make sure everyone is aware of the new feature, Google will also add a notification in Drive, in addition to specific Google Docs and Google Forms apps.

Google revealed on Tuesday The past is about a group of devices that bears the name (Series One), which are designed to work together to provide the best environment for video conferencing through the service (Google Meet) Google Meet.

This assortment of devices comes as part of Google’s relentless pursuit of benefiting from the massive demand for video conferencing services in light of the ongoing pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19, which has forced people around the world to work and study from home. However, the new hardware is for conference rooms, not the home.

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