Google collects videos from Instagram and Tik Tok

Google collects videos from Instagram and Tik Tok

Are testing a company Google is a new feature that shows videos from Instagram and Tik Tok in their dedicated library in the Google mobile app.

The move should help Google keep users looking for entertainment via social videos from leaving the Google platform entirely.

The same feature expands on a test launched earlier this year, as Google for the first time introduced a set of short videos within Google Discover, Which is the dedicated feed in the Google mobile app.

This short video library differs from the Google Stories feature, which was launched in October 2020 via the Google Search app for Android and iOS.

Previously known as AMP stories, these stories consist of short video content created by Google’s online publishing partners, such as: Forbes, USA Today, Vice, Now This, Bustle, Thrillist, and others.

The short video library focused on compiling social videos from other platforms, including Google’s short video project called Tangi, And India’s Tik Tok competitor Trell, as well as the YouTube platform.

The videos via Instagram and Tik Tok were available through the short video row, and were transferred upon click to the web version of the social platform, not its original mobile app, even if it was installed within your device.

It is likely that the end result is that Google users remain within Google, as all it takes is to click the back arrow to return to search results after watching the video.

Google has over the years indexed video content and entered into a partnership with Twitter in 2015 to index search results, however, it is not clear to what extent it has any formal relationship with Instagram or TikTok.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the feature is currently being tried on mobile devices, and explained that this means that the limited feature is still in the early stages.

You will not find a library of short videos in every search query yet, but over time, and as Google expands the product range, the tool can index video content that is better than social media platforms, unless the platforms choose to prevent Google from doing so.

The company said: The feature is currently available in a limited way via the Google mobile app and over the Internet.

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