Google brings a password checker to Android

Google brings a password checker to Android

Announced a company Google is expanding its Password Checkup feature to include older devices, so that phones and tablets running Android 9 or later can now access the feature.

The Password Checkup feature checks the strength of the password or if any logins have been compromised in a data breach.

The Password Checkup feature is part of Google’s Autofill feature, which allows you to quickly log in to other apps and services via Android.

And when you use the Autofill feature now, the Password Checkup feature checks your data against a list of known hacked passwords, and then notifies you if your data appears on that list and what to do about it.

The feature can direct you to the Password Manager page via Google, where you can review all other saved Autofill passwords that are facing a similar issue.

In order to use this feature, you need to enable auto-fill, and Google had provided this feature for the first time via its Chrome web browser in late 2019.

Google says: that users have nothing to fear when it comes to this password-verification mechanism, which does not share data in clear text format over the network.

The Password Checkup feature comes as part of a new batch of updates Google is rolling out over Android, including a way to schedule text messages to be sent later.

Along with other product improvements, such as a new version of TalkBack (Google’s screen reader for Android), and better support for Google Assistant to get things done even when your phone is locked.

With regard to other new features, Google believes that the scheduled text message feature is useful for messaging friends and family members in other time zones, and it will be available for devices running Android 7 or later.

There is also a more substantial update coming to the TalkBack screen reader, which allows blind and partially sighted users to interact more easily with phones. Google has added features for the most intuitive gestures and unified menu.

Google is working to improve the voice assistant while locking your phone, and by doing so aims to Make it easy to use the assistant to do things like: set alarms, send text messages, or play a song, even when your phone isn’t in your hand.

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