Google announces 5 important features of the Android system

Google announces 5 important features of the Android system

Intends to a company Google will launch five new features for Android in the coming weeks with the aim of improving navigation in Maps, the emoji mixing feature in the Gboard keyboard app, Voice Access, audiobooks for the Google Play app store, and the Nearby Share file sharing service.

In addition to the five new features, the US tech giant intends to launch Android Auto – the car version of the Android system – in 36 new countries.

Google added a new tab called Go to the Maps service, with the aim of enabling users to easily navigate to favorite places without the need to enter the address. Once you’ve pinned your desired destinations, the Go tab displays directions, live traffic, and traffic interruptions, as well as an estimated time of arrival.

Google said: It will start launching a new Go tab for users of the map service in the Android and iOS systems in the coming weeks.

Google expanded the emoji mash-up feature available on the Gboard from a few hundred to more than 14,000. The feature, called Emoji Kitchen, allows users to click on two emoji to view the suggested mix, or double-click on a single emoji to view a more sure version of it.

Google said: This feature – which is already available at Current beta version of Gboard – It will be available for devices running Android version 6.0 and above in the coming weeks.

Google has also made a change that may result in more audiobooks available in the Play Store. The company says: It has provided publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom with a tool for automatic conversion of books to audio. The tool is currently available as a beta, and may be launched to all publishers in early 2021.

Google said: The navigation feature in the Android system based on voice commands Voice AccessWhich was available until now for Android 11, is now available globally for all devices running Android version 6.0 and later. With the help of machine learning technology, the Voice Access feature allows you to click on UI elements, such as buttons and labels, using only voice commands.

Google also said: The Nearby Share feature will soon support direct sharing of Play Store apps with nearby Android users.

The company also said: It will launch the (Android Auto) In 36 additional countries over the next few months, making Google apps and services available in compatible cars running Android 10 and later.

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