Google and Facebook are cooperating against antitrust measures

Google and Facebook are cooperating against antitrust measures

Reported The Wall Street Journal that Facebook And theGoogle They agree to cooperate and assist each other against antitrust measures in the event of an investigation into their agreement to work together on online advertising.

The newspaper’s report pointed to the unedited version of the lawsuit that 10 states filed against Google last week.

States have accused Google of working with Facebook in an illegal manner that violates antitrust law to promote its dominant online advertising business.

According to the report, the lawsuit said: Google and Facebook were aware that their agreement could lead to antitrust investigations and discussed how to deal with them.

A Google spokesman told the newspaper: Such agreements on antitrust threats are very common.

He added: The allegations presented in the lawsuit are inaccurate The idea that this is a secret deal is totally wrong, And theWe have been candid about this partnership for years.

The unedited draft of the lawsuit, which the newspaper said it had reviewed, said Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, signed the deal with Google.

The report stated that the draft version also cites an email in which Sandberg told Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives that this is a strategically big deal.

The lawsuit cites the company’s internal documents that have been significantly revised, which stipulate that the other party is immediately and fully informed of any government communication related to the agreement, and it is said: The term antitrust is mentioned at least 20 times in the agreement.

Ten Republican prosecutors, led by Texas, allege that the two companies struck a deal in September 2018 in which Facebook agreed not to compete with Google’s online advertising tools in exchange for special treatment when used.

The secret agreement was named after a character from the Star Wars series, and the exact name was omitted from the publicly revised version of the lawsuit, but the unedited version seen by The Wall Street Journal says it was known as Jedi Blue.

Several other details were also removed from the final version of the lawsuit, such as the alleged value of the deal, and the draft version reportedly indicates that Facebook considered the deal relatively cheap compared to the direct competition.

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