Google and Apple join Next G alliance to develop 6G

Google and Apple join Next G alliance to develop 6G

Two companies joined Google And theCamel To the US business group Next G, a consortium of potential 6G stakeholders managed by the Communications Industry Solutions Alliance ATIS.

The group, which is set to meet for the first time this week, is working to strengthen North America’s mobile technology leadership in 6G networks over the next decade while building on the long-term evolution of 5G networks.

As a leading technology and solutions development organization, the Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS) brings together the best global ICT companies to advance business priorities in the industry.

Google and Apple joined just weeks after the launch of their first devices supporting fifth generation networks, which illustrates the progress that companies must think about to keep up with technology.

The duo join Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, LG, VMWare, Charter Communications, Keysight Technologies, Mavenir, and MITER.

Google and Apple join the founders, such as Nokia, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Facebook, Ericsson, Verizon and AT&T Bell Canada, Ciena, Interdigital, JMA Wireless, Telus, Telnyx, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

Only Ericsson, Huawei and Samsung have so far released a comprehensive statement of intent with regard to the sixth generation networks.

Huawei cannot now join the group. Because it does not qualify due to the current sanctions, but it inspired its formation.

The group hopes to prevent any delays in the sixth generation roadmap due to the current problems between the United States and China.

Failure to improve relationships could trigger two processes that are completely incompatible with the sixth generation, with consumers being the losers, so cooperation in these early stages is vital.

Bandwidth for the proposed 6G networks remains unlicensed at the moment, and by the time we see any kind of public use of spectrum – projected by 2030 – the world could be a completely different place.

Susan Miller, President and CEO of the ATIS Alliance, said: “Our founding members represent the leading industry stakeholders who drive innovation in the ecosystem.

As part of the Next G Alliance, she added, they are demonstrating their commitment to setting a path to advance North American mobile technology leadership into the future.

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