Google allows to limit alcohol and gambling ads

Google allows to limit alcohol and gambling ads

Announced Google announced on Thursday that it would enable users to limit the number of alcohol and gambling ads shown to them.

It is believed that this feature may be welcomed by many users, especially those who do not want to see alcohol or gambling ads, or who are looking to avoid these topics.

While Google previously allowed users to hide certain ads, this change affects the category of ads. The company is already imposing restrictions on categories based on age and national laws, and the new change only allows users to apply these limits to themselves.

The settings for the two categories are separate, so if the user agrees with the gambling ads and not the alcohol ads, or vice versa, he can allow one category without the other. Note that the feature only promises to reduce, not eliminate, the number of alcohol and gambling ads you’ll see.

Google said: The feature will be introduced in advertising settings gradually, starting with YouTube ads in the United States, and it aims to provide the feature to Google and YouTube ads globally in early 2021.

If a user wishes to disable alcohol and gambling ads, they can do so by going to Ad settings pageAnd if the change has reached his account, he will see the buttons that enable him to do so at the bottom of the page.

It is noteworthy that this step comes in conjunction with Google fixing a problem encountered by some users of its Android operating system, which led to the SMS text message service to stop working, and the reason was changes made by the company.

After the problem appeared, Google rolled back some changes to help solve it. The company confirmed to The Verge that the repair is already underway. “We identified the problem, and we started rolling out the fix yesterday. If automatic updates are disabled for users, we recommend updating to the latest version of carrier services through the Play Store to receive the fix.

Google allows to limit alcohol and gambling ads

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