Google: 3% of paid apps are not compatible with Play Store tax

Google: 3% of paid apps are not compatible with Play Store tax

Sought a company Google on Monday to refute criticism that it arbitrarily levies a 30 percent tax on paid app sales, saying that just over 3 percent of paid apps that don’t comply with the rules must follow the rules within a year.

This announcement comes in the wake of lawsuits filed last month by Epic Games, a video game maker and owner of the famous Fornite game, accusing Google and Apple of non-competitive behavior by claiming to use their payment systems in applications, so that they can collect part of the sales. .

The app stores are the fast-growing businesses of Google and Apple, whose main businesses, such as ads for Google and iPhone sales for Apple, are experiencing some stagnation.

Google said: Less than 3 percent of developers who have apps on its Play Store have sold digital goods over the past 12 months, and nearly 97 percent adhere to its payment system policy.

And according to To report New from Bloomberg News, Google plans to issue updated guidelines for app developers, as these revised guidelines require most apps to use Google’s billing service for in-app content downloads, game upgrades, and subscriptions.

Even with this requirement in place for years, some major developers, including: Netflix, Spotify and Epic Games, have circumvented the rule and bypassed Google.

Apps Netflix and Spotify are asking consumers to pay with a credit card, rather than a Google Play app store account, to bypass the search giant’s fees.

A Google spokesman said in a statement: Android – as an open platform – allows multiple application stores, and most Android devices come with at least two stores, and users can install other application stores.

Spotify and several other developers earlier this week launched a coalition to push for fairer app store policies.

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