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Gocycle Unveils Fast Folding Electric Bikes

Gocycle, the manufacturer of some, is back Electric bicycles Most adaptable on the planet, with its fourth generation electric bike.

And the company announced about G4 lineup For the electric bike, it brings with it a new engine, better tires and lighter carbon fiber components.

These updates represent remarkable design improvements that are now more than a decade old.

Gocycle is one of the oldest players in the folding electric bike business with the release of the G1 since 2009.

The G4 lineup starts at $ 3,999, and the G4, G4i and G4i Plus models are available for initial order.

Given its compact, fast-folding design with oversized tires, Gocycle makes an electric bike suitable for long commutes and multi-format travel.

These improvements begin with a new G4drive electric motor that produces more power and torque, and the entire G4 lineup features a single-sided carbon fiber fork.

According to Gocycle, the design increases vertical alignment, which is way of saying: Carbon fiber is better at absorbing bumps across the road, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

Via the handlebar, the company added a USB port that you can use to charge your phone when the G4 battery is not powering the electric bike.

There is a wider fork-mounted tire that Gocycle has reinforced with silica compound to improve grip, and the tire allows to trap more air, which should help provide a more comfortable ride.

As with the GXi, you can fold the bike down in about 10 seconds, and a newly added titanium pin maintains the alignment of the folding joint.

The company was able to make the electric bike lighter by modifying components, such as disc rotors, and the result is that the G4i Plus, the lightest and most expensive in the new G4 lineup, weighs 16kg.

The entire Gocycle G4 lineup is available for initial order in the US, Canada, UK and European Union.

The G4 comes with mechanical gears at $ 4,000, while the G4i comes with predictive electronic switching, integrated daytime running lights and a more detailed LED display at $ 5,000. The G4i Plus comes with lightweight carbon wheels At a price of $ 6000.

In contrast to the more premium components of the last two models, the most important difference between the G4i, G4i Plus and G4 is that they include a battery with a range of 80 km, while the G4 is limited to 65 km.

However, all three models of the electric bike come with the company’s 36V 4A charger, which can get the G4i and G4i Plus’s battery fully charged in about three and a half hours.

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