Gmail has a new logo that integrates with Google Colors

Gmail has a new logo that integrates with Google Colors

Replaced a company Google logo Gmail with a new logo that goes well with the company’s other products.

The old Gmail logo was a letter envelope containing the letter M in red.

The new logo is now a letter M made from the brand’s primary colors of blue, red, yellow and green from Google.

The new logo closely matches similar logos of Google itself, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Chrome, and many other Google products. The envelope is nothing more.

She points Reports Until Google thought to completely remove the letter M or completely remove the red color for Gmail, people involved in user research studies were not happy with the changes.

However, the studies helped Google realize that the letter envelope within the service logo was not a critical component of the design, allowing the team to experiment with keeping only the letter M and adding the traditional Google color palette.

The new service logo is still predominantly red, with a small touch of yellow, blue and green within the letter M.

And if you put the new logo next to other Google logos, it is difficult to distinguish between them.

Google has also renewed calendar logos, documents, spreadsheets and the Meet service to match the new Gmail logo design.

This is the moment when we are liberating from defining the structure and role of our offerings in terms invented by someone else in a very different era, said Javier Soltero, Google Vice President for Google Workspace.

Google said of the need to preserve the identity that people know while making the logo look fresh and modern: It’s a difficult balance, as when you have a strong brand, you have to be very careful about it.

The new logos are part of a wider revamp of Google’s business software package (G Suite), which has taken place Rename Now (Google Workspace).

The search giant is trying to integrate (Gmail), (Chat) and (Docs) and place them in a central location, in order to better compete with the integrated approach of Microsoft’s business software package (Microsoft Office) and its Outlook e-mail (Outlook).

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