Germany moves to tighten controls on Huawei

Germany moves to tighten controls on Huawei

The German government plans to tighten controls on network vendors, making it difficult to a company Huawei maintains a foothold in the major market in Europe.

She said Some Sources: An agreement has been reached in principle to expand the scrutiny of vendor governance and technology for the wireless access networks (RANs) that operate the 5G services, in addition to the critical core.

However, not all government departments were involved, as the Economy Ministry said: The talks on the proposed regulatory system are continuing and not completed.

The daily Handelsblatt reported earlier that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition approved, after two years of wrangling, a formula for how to deal with so-called “high-risk vendors” in the proposed IT security law.

European governments are reviewing Huawei’s role in building their networks after pressure from the United States, which says: Huawei poses a security threat; Because Chinese companies and citizens are required by law to assist the state in gathering intelligence information.

A senior US official said: Restricting Huawei is the right approach, and urged Berlin to support its NATO allies by removing Chinese technology from 5G networks.

“We see things moving in the right direction in Germany, and there is no real future with Huawei,” said Keith Krach, Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs.

Huawei denies it poses a security risk, and said it cannot comment on the measure that is still being drafted, but has highlighted its 30-year record of providing secure networks and transparent cooperation with German authorities.

And German officials say: Britain has officially banned Huawei and unofficially excluded France, while Germany intends to suffocate it with routine details, which means that the end result is the same.

Some sources said: The oversight of vendors includes initial and ongoing assessments carried out by the German Cyber ​​Security Watch and intelligence services.

The sources added: The compromise solution still needs to be formulated in the form of a legal text, and we hope that the Council of Ministers will adopt this in October, or at the latest in November.

Huawei has a global market share of network equipment by 28 percent, followed by Nokia of Finland with 15 percent and Sweden’s Ericsson with 14 percent.

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