General Motors unveils self-driving Cadillac

General Motors unveils self-driving Cadillac

Offered a company Automaker General Motors, the Cadillac luxury self-driving car and the eVTOL single-seat electric take-off and landing aircraft during its CES 2021 participation.

Both cars are part of Cadillac’s HALO portfolio and may not be produced anytime soon, or at all.

However, the concepts aim to demonstrate Cadillac’s design intentions for future products, as well as being an extravagant symbol of the brand’s manufacturing skills.

The Cadillac autonomous car concept looks like a replica of the many independent shuttle buses for transporting people we’ve seen in college campuses and corporate campuses around the world.

The autonomous Cadillac lacks To traditional controls like: the steering wheel and pedals, they instead incorporate an interior that closely resembles a 1970s living room.

Described by (Michael Simcoe) Michael Simcoe, GM vice president of global design, as a social space for a group of friends or family to spend time together on their way to a destination.

The car features a headlight signal, a spacious glass roof, and biometric sensors to read vital signs of passengers and use this data to adjust settings such as: temperature, lighting, ambient noise and even aromatics.

Other options, such as voice control and gesture recognition, ensure that these adjustments are made effortless.

The concept of the electric single-seat take-off and landing plane looks like a future version of some of the air taxi models currently in development.

Simcoe called it GM’s first foray into air mobility, although it is only a design exercise, and it is unclear whether GM really intends to pursue a commercial version.

The Cadillac eVTOL aircraft uses a 90 kW electric motor to drive four propellers to enable vertical take off and landing, Simcoe said.

This means that the capacity of this battery is less than that of other startups in the field of electric take off and landing aircraft, such as the German Lilium, which uses 320 kW engines to power its five-person aircraft.

The concepts for the Cadillac luxury self-driving car and the eVTOL electric single-seat take-off and landing plane were not The focus of GM advertisements at CES 2021.

And that was reserved BrightDrop for the new delivery and logistics company For the automaker.

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