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Geely electric vehicles Zeekr targets Tesla

Geely announced, The company The Chinese mother of Volvo, has announced the launch of a new electric mobility solutions and technologies company called Zeekr.

Geely, the largest private automaker in China, is reportedly investing $ 300 million in the new start-up venture.

Zeekr is the latest in a series of deals for Geely, which include satellites, drones, trucks and partnerships with major companies such as Baidu, Tencent and Foxconn.

Geely said: It is scheduled to launch the first cars bearing the Zeekr brand in the third quarter of 2021, although the company has not revealed any details or specifications yet.

Zeekr will likely fall into the premium segment, which puts Geely in direct competition with Mercedes, which is also investing in this area.

According to Agency Reuters, the vehicles are built on an open source chassis called SEA, and the brand aims to bring a new electric vehicle to the market every year for the next five years.

There are tips in Zeekr User Experience description about direct-to-consumer sales strategy from a company Tesla, as well as in shipping and service offers.

And according to my generation, Zeekr creates a new ecosystem that focuses on full user integration into the new super eco-system that focuses on fully serving user requirements with innovation as a standard approach in terms of sales and service.

Geely said in a press conference: The decision to launch a new brand came in response to the growing demand for electric vehicles in China and other markets around the world.

Zeekr joins Volvo, which is in the process of transitioning to electric-only cars by 2030, and Polestar, which has just started delivering its Polestar 2 and Lynk & Co, is focused on car sharing rather than ownership.

Geely, which also owns nearly 10 percent of Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, plans to raise $ 2.93 billion from selling public shares in the STAR market in Shanghai.

China’s auto makers are largely competing in the entry and mass market categories, even though NIO sells electric cars with higher prices.

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