Galaxy S21 without a charger .. How does Samsung overcome Apple’s errors?

Galaxy S21 without a charger .. How does Samsung overcome Apple’s errors?

Lots of reports and leaks indicate that Samsung It will not offer a charger with the Galaxy S21 series in some regions when it launches early next year, as it follows in the footsteps of a company Camel Which took this step during this year and introduced a series of phones (IPhone 12Without charger and headphones.

Has Documents revealed From the Brazilian Communications Authority (ANATEL) last weekend that Samsung will not include the power adapter in the Galaxy S21 phone box, and also claims that there will be no headphones in the box. But it is still unclear whether or not it will include a charging cable.

This is the strongest evidence yet that Samsung will take the same step that Apple has taken during this year, although it had previously ridiculed it. But this isn’t the first time that Samsung mocks Apple and then imitates it. It mocked Apple previously for abandoning the traditional headphone jack, and it did the same for its phones afterward.

But if Samsung did it and released the Galaxy S21 without a charger, it could learn from what Apple did to try to address this exciting topic:

1- Explain the reason for abandoning the charger and headphones well:

There is no doubt that explaining why the charger is not included in the phone box for the average person who only wants a smartphone that works normally is difficult for any company, so the reasons for this step must be clearly communicated to customers, and suitable alternatives are presented to it.

Apple made a mistake when it made this move. All she did, she said during the iPhone 12 launch event, “It is an important step in protecting the environment and a major contribution to the disposal of electronic waste around the world, as there are more than two billion Apple transformers in the world, and there are billions of adapters sold by third parties.”

But the average person who did not watch the event, and does not have enough interest in technology to read news and articles about Apple, certainly did not fully understand the reasons for Apple to abandon the charger, and it will appear to him that this step is only to increase its profits, as the package of the iPhone 12 does not contain any He mentioned why a charger was not provided with the phone.

Samsung can overcome this error by better explaining the causes, and including a disclaimer in the phone box that explains why e-waste is a major problem for the environment.

2- Facilitate the use of power adapters included with (Galaxy S21) phones:

The biggest problem in iPhone 12 phones is the charging problem, as Apple relied on the new (Magsafe) wireless charging technology, and users faced a lot of problems due to it, in addition to the incompatibility of the power adapters of old iPhones with new phones.

If you purchased a new iPhone 12 and were upgrading from an iPhone XS Max – which is only a two-year-old phone – you will not be able to use its power adapter with the new cable included in the iPhone 12 case.

The iPhone XS series comes with a power adapter that contains a (USB to Lightning) cable, while the new cable included in the iPhone 12 case is (USB-C to Lightning). This means that the cable in the box will not be of use to you, and you will have to purchase a new adapter to get the maximum charging speeds for your new smartphone.

Samsung should be able to avoid this problem because it has been using similar charging technology for the past few years, and most Android phone manufacturers now use the (USB-C) port by default.

3- Why should we pay more for a new charger?

The question everyone posed to Apple and it has not yet been answered; Why should we pay more for a new charger? Although the charger cost is included in the recommended retail price for all smartphones.

This was the reason why Apple accused it of taking this step to increase its profits and not to protect the environment as it says. She also sells the 20W power adapter in her store for $ 19.

Samsung can learn from this and offer customers a charger for free, but it doesn’t have to be included in the phone box by default. It might take some extra planning, but why isn’t a coupon included in the box that allows the user to get a charger for free from the retailer?

Samsung can then explain that it hasn’t included the charger by default so it can reduce e-waste, but if you need one separately, you’ll be able to claim one for free through the nearest Samsung store. And theThis way, Samsung won’t charge you extra for the charger and will avoid the main problem of having the charger included in the phone box by default.

Samsung took a similar step during this year, when it provided AKG headphones for free to those who requested it when it launched the Galaxy Note 20 phones without AKG headphones in the US.

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