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G Suite is now Google Workspace

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Announced a company Google today (Google Workspace) is new name For Google Business Suite, including email and documents, with the new name replacing the name (G Suite) that was introduced in 2016.

Google is trying to compete with (Microsoft Office) through (Google Workspace).

The rebranding coincides with the launch of features that integrate different services, such as the ability to video chat with co-workers in a small box in the corner of the document editing window.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated sales of business software online and has forced companies, such as Google and Microsoft, to reformulate their offerings in an effort to nearly mimic office work procedures.

Javier Soltero, Google’s vice president in charge of Google Workspace, said: The new name reflects that the work is not taking place in an actual space called an office anymore.

The new features will be available in the coming months to consumers who are not paying for Gmail, Google Docs, and other tools.

Google said: It has 2.6 billion active accounts per month through these services, including paid and free accounts.

Alongside the rebranding of the Google Business Suite software, there are new features designed to make all of these products appear to be more integrated with each other.

Google has also changed its pricing levels slightly, and added a new tier called (Business Plus) that includes more device management features.

As an example of the new features, the chat window can create a new document for everyone in the group without the need for a new tab.

Microsoft has previously experimented with the idea of ​​separating apps into small parts that can be included elsewhere.

The issue of Google launching similar capabilities in Google Workspace is a sign that it may try to get serious about the Microsoft Office challenge.

Google has taken some steps towards the end of the traditional office as we know it, as the issue of integrating Google Meet into Gmail was a major step.

Google hopes to attract more users for its integrated services Google Workspace apps allow users to put out thumbnail previews of other documents included in the thing they’re working on.

Google is also expanding the use of smart chips, which are small calling cards that can appear when you point to someone in a document.

Google is working to change the icons for (Google Workspace) applications. The company has no intention of reducing support for third-party applications, so that if your team uses a combination of Google services, Slack, or Zoom, nothing will change.

The new integrations and the promise to reduce tab navigation show that Google hopes more of its users will start using more of its products rather than alternatives.

As for Microsoft, it is unlikely that these changes will weaken the position of (Microsoft Office) anytime soon, but Google’s moves indicate that it is preparing to fight that battle soon.

The Google Workspace software package saw Faster and more substantial updates under the management of (Javier Soltero) compared to previous years.

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