French activists protesting the expansion of Amazon

French activists protesting the expansion of Amazon

French activists gathered huge delivery boxes outside the Finance Ministry in Paris on Friday, to protest an expansion a company Amazon in France, after the e-commerce company launched a late Black Friday sales campaign.

Protesters from three groups – ANV-COP 21, Attac and Amis de la Terre – gathered in the ministry’s courtyard, raising a sign on the façade of the building bearing the slogan “Change of owner”. The sign shows the faces of Amazon President (Jeff Bezos) and French President (Emmanuel Macron).

And she said (Sandy Olivar Calvo) Sandy Olivar Calvo, ANV-COP21 Group spokeswoman Agency Reuters: Amazon is destroying jobs and climate in France.

She added: Amazon plans to expand significantly in France by building dozens of warehouses and more in the future, and we demand a freeze on building more warehouses.

Activists in France see the Amazon as a major factor in urbanizing farmland, a process they say contributes significantly to climate change and the loss of environmental biodiversity.

Amazon’s global revenue rose during the pandemic, and its ability to continue selling during closures due to the Coronavirus has deepened frustration among French opponents, who say: It represents a mass American-style consumption culture that conflicts with local traditions for neighborhood stores.

A long battle over safety measures this spring led to the temporary closure of Amazon warehouses in France.

Last month, under pressure from the government, Amazon postponed its Black Friday sales campaign from November 27 to December 4 to help shopkeepers struggling during France’s second national lockdown.

The French Finance Minister, (Bruno Le Maire), said: The construction of the new warehouses is the largest contributor to the urbanization of agricultural lands.

“Amazon is responsible for only a small percentage of the urbanization process, and it was providing many jobs.”

In response to the protest that was on Friday, Amazon said: It has inadvertently become the mouthpiece of organizations that often use disinformation.

A company spokeswoman said: Amazon has invested 9.2 billion euros ($ 11.2 billion) in France, and has been the source of up to 130,000 job opportunities.

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