France imposes a fine on Google and Amazon

France imposes a fine on Google and Amazon

The French data protection agency, CNIL, has imposed fines on Google And theAmazon Because of a violation of country rules regarding online ad tracking tools called cookies.

And theReceived Google will be fined 100 million euros (120 million dollars) Received Amazon fined 35 million euros ($ 42 million).

The regulatory authority said in a statement: The French sites of Google and Amazon did not request the initial approval of visitors before saving advertising cookies on their computer.

She added: Google and Amazon have failed to provide clear information to Internet users about how they can benefit from online tracking tools and how visitors to their French sites can refuse any use of cookies.

The regulator has conducted investigations into websites over the past year and concluded that cookies are automatically saved when the user visits the sites in violation of the country’s data protection law.

The committee said: Given that this type of cookies cannot be saved without the user expressing his consent, the committee considered that the companies did not comply with the requirements stipulated in Article 82 of the Data Protection Law and did not obtain the initial approval before saving the cookies. the basic.

CNIL also found that the information about cookies provided to site visitors is insufficient, indicating that the banner displayed by Google did not provide specific information about cookies, while the banner on the Amazon website told visitors that they had agreed to use cookies.

Under French domestic law, site users must be informed clearly before cookies are saved and request their consent.

CNIL said: This does not comply with requirements for transparency or consent, because the banners were not showing users that Amazon and Google use cookies to track ads, and users were not given the opportunity to consent.

The cookie consent law has been clear in Europe for years, and the October 2019 ruling made clear by the European Union’s Court of Justice Consent must be obtained before unnecessary cookies can be stored or accessed.

In 2019, CNIL imposed a $ 57 million fine on Google for failing to meet its transparency requirements.

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