Foxconn wants to become “Android” electric cars

Foxconn wants to become “Android” electric cars

Launched (Foxconn) Foxconn The Taiwanese company that assembles an iPhone for Apple – a platform to help auto companies make electric cars.

The tech giant is well-known as a major assembler of consumer electronics products such as smartphones. But the latest announcement has pushed Foxconn into a market that could be worth more than $ 800 billion by 2027, according to research firm Allied Market Research. This step comes in an effort by the company to diversify its business.

And he said (William Wei) – CEO of Foxconn: The company’s goal is to become an Android system for electric cars, in reference to the Google operating system for mobile devices. He added, “We believe that this is our mission.”

And Android – the largest mobile operating system in the world by market share – has managed to become dominant because it is open source. This means that smartphone makers can use the semi-finished system on their smartphones, but can also customize it according to their needs. By comparison, Apple’s iOS is only intended for iPhones, and it is controlled by Apple.

In this context, Foxconn introduced what it called (MIH Open Platform). It is essentially a set of tools that would allow the company to design large parts of an electric vehicle that Foxconn itself would manufacture.

Automakers can choose to design the bodywork of their cars from SUV to sedans and customize it as they like, from wheel distance to battery size. Foxconn calls its platform “modular,” which means some components can be replaced and upgraded at a later time.

But Foxconn also offers software that developers can build on. Some of them relate to mission critical functions and autonomous cars. Foxconn appears to be trying to assemble nearly all of the parts needed for an entire vehicle.

The company said: It is working on so-called solid-state batteries, which are seen as developing the next generation of current lithium-ion batteries used in cars. It can open up other domains and increase efficiency. The company said: It expects to launch a solid-state battery in 2024.

“After 2025, everyone who mastered solid-state battery technologies will dominate the industry,” said (Jerry Hsiao) – Foxconn’s chief product officer.

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