Fortnite works better on older computers

Fortnite works better on older computers

Announced a company Epic Games released a new feature called (Performance Mode), which allows old computers to better play Fortnite.

The new Alpha Performance mode rolls out across systems that meet the game’s minimum requirements.

Players are asked to switch to this mode to get the best results, but they can ignore it or even enable and disable it at any time in-game.

According to the company, the new mode provides significant performance gains by reducing visual quality in order to reduce memory usage and reduce the burden on the CPU and GPU.

This means that the game will look less good so the gear doesn’t overheat and will see Users who are playing Fortnite on old devices guide about the mode when playing the game.

Epic Games has also added a feature that allows players to remove HD overlays from the game’s installer, which saves a great deal of disk space of about 14GB.

Epic Games claims that users running the new mode will see a significant increase in frame rates across older devices, compared to previous lower-performing settings.

You will be able to use Performance Mode in both Battle Royale and Creative, which means Fortnite can run at 720p at a rate 60 fps, even via older computers.

Performance mode provides improvements for all users who choose to subscribe, but there are some hardware requirements that can provide a significantly smoother experience.

And Epic Games still recommends some basic specs, like 6GB of RAM and SSD, to ensure that the game remains smooth even in this new performance mode.

This year, Fortnite did not collect any of the medals at the annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry The Game Awards, however, are still a staple in games across nearly all platforms.

Users can also now play the game at 120 frames per second across PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms through the 120FPS Mode feature.

120fps playback limits the resolution for the PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms at 1440p instead of the usual 4K, while reducing some graphic settings.

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