Fortnite may return to iOS with GeForce Now

Fortnite may return to iOS with GeForce Now

Reported The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said Thursday that Apple’s iPhone and iPad users may soon be able to play Game (Fortnite) Fortnite of Epic Games once again via cloud service.

NVIDIA has developed a version of the GeForce cloud gaming service that works in the Safari web browser. Apple will not receive a commission on virtual items sold in the fighting game when played this way.

Apple is locked in a legal battle with Epic, which has resulted in the company removing the game from the App Store. Epic has claimed that Apple’s 30 percent commission on in-app game purchases is anti-competitive. For its part, Apple accused Epic of wanting something for nothing.

The case is due to go to trial in May and it could take years to resolve. The papers presented in the case indicate that the game (Fortnite) had 116 million iOS users.

Unlike Android, Apple does not allow games or other applications to be downloaded on its phones or tablets through app stores without its store. However, it does not restrict the third-party services that can run within (Safari), or other web browsers available through its store.

Nvidia currently offers GeForce Now service for Mac, Windows, Android, and Chrome OS devices. The company has not officially announced that it will offer the service for iOS, but it is expected to do so before the winter break. However, Fortnite can still be excluded from the list of games offered for Apple devices.

According to several online forums, the game was briefly removed from the Android version of GeForce Now in December.

In theory, Apple laptop owners will be able to play Fortnite via NVIDIA at no charge.

Both the game and the basic level of GeForce Now provides free access, however, Nvidia limits these sessions to one hour.

NVIDIA uses remote computer servers to process players’ orders and generate graphics. And the flow of related data back and forth to mobile devices causes very short delay.

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